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Ex-hospital chief awarded £1.2m in whistleblowing compensation

Ex-hospital chief awarded £1.2m in whistleblowing compensation

A former manger of a hospital trust has been awarded £1.2 million in compensation after it was ruled that he had been subject to an unfair dismissal on the grounds of whistleblowing.

John Watkinson was chief executive of the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust - which is based in Truro - but was sacked last year because, he claimed, he was about to publicly reveal that legal advice had proved to him that transferring services away from his county was unlawful without a full public inquiry.

A tribunal conducted earlier this year awarded Mr Watkinson £667,250 in unfair dismissal damages after it was deemed that the trust had failed to follow the correct procedures in carrying out his redundancy.

However, it has now been ruled by a further tribunal that he should receive the sum of £1.2 million for the whistleblowing part of his claim. Following this development, Mr Watkinson commented that the case had "restored [his] good name and reputation".

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Posted by Daniel Stevens