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Disabled man wins clinical negligence compensation award

Disabled man wins clinical negligence compensation award

A former clergyman who suffered a severe brain injury following the misdiagnosis of cancer by medical professionals has received an undisclosed amount in clinical negligence compensation.

Adrian Underwood has been awarded the damages from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - which employs around 13,000 people and is one of the country's largest trusts - after being left disabled due to a four-year delay in the diagnosis of a tumour in his brain by doctors after they failed to check a scan correctly.

Mr Underwood was initially referred to Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre by his GP in July 2000 and subsequently underwent a series of tests at the medical institution.

He was told by a consultant that he was merely suffering from migraines, but when his health deteriorated significantly he visited a hospital in Birmingham in December 2004 where a further scan revealed a tumour the size of a large lemon.

This was then removed by surgeons, but Mr Underwood was left permanently disabled by his ordeal.

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Posted by Richard Saunders