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Dental errors lead to compensation award of £50k

Dental errors lead to compensation award of £50k

Dental errors have led to a woman being awarded £50,000 in compensation after she made a medial negligence claim against her dentist.

Jean Wall, of Droylesden, Greater Manchester, said she suffered life-changing injuries at the hands of Dr Kwame Gagoh after she visited the professional to have a crooked front tooth corrected.

However, Dr Gagoh's treatment went wrong which left Mrs Wall unable to eat or drink and in severe pain for long periods of time. This caused her to lose weight and become withdrawn, as well as meaning she eventually had to pay another dentist £30,000 for year-long corrective surgery.

Her injuries included burnt, swollen lips and nerve damage after Dr Gagoh had began a course of treatment which was scheduled to include bleaching, crowns, veneers and white fillings.

It was later found that the doctor had 13 outstanding county court judgments against his name. However, according to the Manchester Evening News, he is still practicing in the US.

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Posted by Richard Saunders