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Russell Jones & Walker looks to cut cycling accidents

Russell Jones & Walker looks to cut cycling accidents

Russell Jones and Walker (RJW) has this week (August 4th) launched a new campaign aimed at driving down the number of accidents involving cyclists on Britain's roads every year.

Annually, there is an average of 28 cyclist fatalities in the UK due to accidents involving bikes and HGVs, with 70 per cent of these incidents occurring in urban areas.

And in an attempt to reduce this number, the 2 Way Street survey was conducted on behalf of RJW in order to establish what the relationship between lorry drivers and cyclists in the UK is like.

The study found that almost three-quarters - 73 per cent - of HGV drivers found sharing the road with a cyclist more worrying than any other type of traveller, while 98 per cent of bikers do not feel safe at all times while in transit.

A claimant personal injury specialist with RJW, Paul Kitson, remarked the survey had found that both HGV drivers and cyclists want "more or less the same things so they can happily share the roads".

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Posted by Richard Saunders