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Man receives £250k compensation for life-changing injuries

Man receives £250k compensation for life-changing injuries
A man has received a compensation award of £250,000 after he sustained a fractured skull and spinal injuries during a workplace accident.

Seed producers WA Church (Bures) Ltd agreed to pay Peter Snowling the sum after an incident in November 2008 in which the man fell from a ramp while loading a lorry with sacks of food produce, the Daily Gazette reports.

Mr Snowling, of the Essex market town of Halstead, told the publication that the injuries he suffered have "changed my life" and added that it is "highly unlikely" that he will work again, meaning the settlement will provide his funds for living costs until he dies.

The father-of-two, who is 50 years old, went on to say that his previously active lifestyle has been impacted severely and he can no longer go out walking with his dog.

He added that his memory is now impaired and he cannot lift anything, which leaves him reliant on his wife for everyday tasks.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett