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Women in financial services 'victims of discrimination during recession'

Women in financial services 'victims of discrimination during recession'

Female workers in the financial sector suffer injustices during economic downturns, an expert has said.

India Gary-Martin, who presides over the City Women's Network, said that when the economy is tough, companies use immediate commercial concerns as a reason for not working on incentivising female staff into getting onto company boards.

She also noted that recessions create a need for inflexible, longer working hours, which has a knock-on effect on women trying to balance careers with families.

Ms Gary-Martin's view was that, while the economic downturn has presented difficulties to all people, "it is a greater challenge for women in financial services".

Within the UK, this sector has seen the fastest rate of activity growth in the last three months since September 2007.

But according to the data from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), it is still low.

Companies are anticipating more employment in the three months to come, making it the first rise since the end of 2007.

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