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Women in City 'still subject to sex discrimination'

Women in City 'still subject to sex discrimination'

Women seeking jobs in the City may still be subject to sex discrimination exhibited by firms.

This is according to research conducted by Poolia, which revealed that a significant minority of recruiters operating in the country's financial heartland admitted female candidates were at a disadvantage.

The firm, which has been in operation for over two decades and is a provider of temporary and permanent staff, found nearly one-in-five senior women recruiters interviewed believed their business discriminates against females when taking on personnel for senior management roles.

Meanwhile, almost 30 per cent do not do not think women have the same opportunities as men and around half thought taking full maternity leave will damage females' careers.

Responding to the findings, Poolia's general manager Andrew Bath said: "Given the current skills shortages, companies need to work harder to take advantage of the knowledge and experience represented by women working in the City."

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