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Selina Scott continues with age discrimination claims

Selina Scott continues with age discrimination claims

Broadcaster Seline Scott, who successfully claimed age discrimination against Channel Five two years ago, is continuing with her fight against what she says is the unfair treatment of women on TV.

According to the Daily Mail, the 59-year-old, who has experienced a "final rejection" from both the BBC and ITV over the last two years, has sent a report to BBC boss Sir Michael Lyons.

Commenting on her inability to get work in the industry, she said: "I experienced in this period a disregarding, unthinking, almost casual maiming which leaves women like me with their confidence and career in tatters."

She believes her dossier will trigger a "revolution within Television Centre".

It focuses on what Scott describes as the "malign sexism and ageism against women" at the BBC, which identifies itself as the world's largest broadcaster of its kind.

Her document has been compiled along with organisations such as charity Age UK.

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