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Portsmouth ordered to pay £100,000 for unfair dismissals

Portsmouth ordered to pay £100,000 for unfair dismissals

Portsmouth Football Club has been hit with a bill of more than £100,000 after a court upheld nine cases of unfair dismissal against it.

The workers were made redundant - along with 76 other colleagues - in March after the club was forced to go into administration due to financial difficulties.

And at an employment tribunal in Southampton, Judge Richard Byrne said that Portsmouth must pay these former members of staff costs ranging from £3,941 to £29,538 on the grounds of unfair dismissal after failing to grant them a statutory 30-day consultation period prior to firing them.

Because of the fact that the club did not do this, the employees were also entitled to an additional protective award on top of their compensation settlements.

However, the Southern Daily Echo reports that the claimants may struggle to receive their damages due to the club's ongoing financial troubles, which show no sign of abating after its relegation from the Premier League.

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