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People 'should invest in their marriages'

People 'should invest in their marriages'

Individuals should devote time and effort to their marriages, it has been claimed.

According to Christine Northam, a counsellor working for Relate, such relationships require investment.

Her comments followed the release of a study conducted by sociologists and psychologists from three North American universities, which found that divorce can be catching among groups of friends and family.

According to the researchers, a split between immediate friends increases people's own chance of divorce by around three-quarters.

Ms Northam remarked: "Relate would always encourage people not to wait until there is a crisis in their marriage, but to explore their marriage, what they expect from it and whether it is actually going in the right direction."

She added that divorce among others causes people to question their feelings and ideas about their own relationships.

In order to enhance their chances of avoiding legal separations from their spouses, individuals should associate with others who are happily married, she claimed.

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