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Medical negligence leads to compensation of £3,000

Medical negligence leads to compensation of £3,000

Compensation has been paid to a woman after she was taken to hospital with chest pains following an incident of medical negligence.

Margaret Kelly, a 63-year-old woman from Glasgow, has been given £3,000 in damages by supermarket chain Morrisons - which is the UK's fourth largest food retailer - after she was given a wrong prescription by one of their pharmacists, the Daily Record has reported.

The woman was in the store to collect steroid-based medicine to help her with a chest infection, but was instead handed tablets of powerful heart drugs, of which she took eight under the instruction of her GP.

Upon realising their mistake, the supermarket called Ms Kelly at home and informed her that an ambulance was on its way to her house as she needed to go to hospital immediately.
Ms Kelly recalled that doctors said her heart rate was "very slow" and her blood pressure had also dropped.Morrisons has since sent the customer a compensation cheque for £3,000 as a goodwill gesture.

Posted by Patrick White