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Govt 'should clarify default retirement age plans'

Govt 'should clarify default retirement age plans'

The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition should clarify its plans concerning the default retirement age.

This is the message from Michelle Mitchell, Age UK charity director, who said the government needs to be more precise about its intentions.

Recently, the administration announced it is to make changes to the law in this area, meaning employers may no longer be able to force staff members to give up their roles at the age of 65.

Ms Mitchell said: "While scores of people intend to work past state pension age because they either need or want to, hundreds of thousands of them could see their retirement plans disrupted by the default retirement age."

She claimed that allowing firms to force employees to retire leads to talent being wasted and undermines the government's attempts to extend working lives.

Her comments came after Aviva published research suggesting two-thirds of Britons polled accept they are likely to work beyond the age of the state-funded pension.

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