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Family seek compensation over fatal road accident

Family seek compensation over fatal road accident

A family is seeking compensation after one of its members was killed in a road accident.

In October 2008, mechanic and father-of-three Kevin Mykoliw lost his life when the bus he was travelling in crashed into a trailer that was illegally parked.

The incident occurred in an industrial estate in Inverness, which is located in the north-east of Scotland.

A total of 12 people are named in the action against the coach driver - Arthur Botteril - and the haulage firm involved.

Mr Botterill told a recent inquiry he did not see the dark blue trailer that was parked and has already admitted a charge of careless driving.

Among those making a claim are Mr Mykoliw's widow Roslyn and their children.

In addition, his brothers, sisters and two half-sisters are involved.

Meanwhile, Mr Mykoliw's mother Silvia Marshall and her husband James, who is Mr Mykoliw's stepfather, are also suing.

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