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Couple seek compensation over alleged medical negligence

Couple seek compensation over alleged medical negligence

A couple are seeking compensation over what they claim was a case of medical negligence.

Simon and Jane Arnold-Jones suggest that failures of medical staff during their daughter Honey's delivery led to her suffering permanent injuries, the Dorset Echo reports.

They are suing Dorchester Hospital, which was established in 1991 and is located just outside the town centre.

Honey has severe cerebral palsy and is unlikely to ever walk, talk or see properly.

Her parents are fighting for compensation to help pay for her care in later life.

Their legal case centres on allegations that Ms Arnold-Jones was not induced as planned, meaning Honey began asphyxiating during the birth.

Both mother and child subsequently spent many weeks in hospital recovering.

Mr Arnold-Jones said: "There is no question the hospital saved Honey and Jane's lives, but the question is why they were there in the first place."

Meanwhile, a hospital spokesman said the centre is unable to comment on the issue as it remains ongoing.

Paul Sankey, medical negligence solicitor at Russell Jones and Walker, commented: "Failures in the management of labour or the early minutes of a baby's life can be catastrophic.

"There are times when the supply of oxygen to the brain can be impaired leading to brain injury and cerebral palsy. This is a disastrous outcome for the baby and the wider family."

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