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Workers 'may face increased age discrimination due to new laws'

Workers 'may face increased age discrimination due to new laws'

Laws that are to be implemented in a bid to reduce the pensions gap in the UK may result in some people experiencing greater age discrimination, it has been claimed.

In its recent Budget announcement, the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition revealed it is to scrap the default retirement age.

Responding to the move, David Yeandle, head of employment at manufacturers' body the EEF - which exists to help businesses in the sector evolve, innovate and compete - said it could result in employers making use of existing laws to get rid of staff members, the Telegraph reports.

He stated: "At the moment, employers can objectively justify why some workers' [retirement] ages should be lower. This may be used more as the pension age rises and the default retirement age goes."

Mr Yeandle added there will be a lot of firms that will try to justify having a lower retirement age.

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