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Older people 'are bucking divorce trend'

Older people 'are bucking divorce trend'

Older couples in the UK are bucking the trend of falling divorce rates at present, it has been noted.

An article in the Times suggests that such people are increasingly likely to separate despite the fact that instances of legal splits have reduced as a whole.

It cited information provided by the Office for National Statistics, which revealed that the divorce rate among Britons is "dropping sharply" in each age group apart from the over 60s.

The news source also highlighted the example of the world's oldest divorcees Bertie and Jessie Woods, who last year went their separate ways at the age of 98.

Commenting on the issue, Stephanie Coontz, the author of Marriage, a History, stated that one factor that may have contributed to the development is rising life expectancies.

She said that because individuals expect to live for many decades after their children have left home, they may feel they cannot cope with an unhappy relationship.

Also, the older generation tended to get married at a younger age, she noted.

Recently, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks released research which suggested that the recession may be raising the risk of divorces, with one million families admitting that financial problems have caused them to argue more.