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Mesothelioma Cancer Victim Awarded Compensation

Mesothelioma Cancer Victim Awarded Compensation

A man who has developed fatal Mesothelioma cancer due to his working conditions has been awarded compensation.

Recently, it was ruled that Wilfrid Craig should receive a four-figure amount of compensation for his suffering; the ChronicleLive reports.

At the age of 64, he has been given only months to live by doctors. 

He came into contact with asbestos while performing his role as a joiner's apprenticeship at George Wimpey & Co in the 1960s.

While there, he was not supplied with respiratory protection, despite the fact that dust from the hazardous asbestos material was present.

Commenting on his situation, Mr Craig said "I am so angry to think my life and those of my wife and children have been torn apart unnecessarily because of my former employers' negligence."

He is now living in a hospice and has to take morphine to manage the pain he is in.

While the use of asbestos has been banned, it still remains in some older buildings, causing potential danger to workers and members of the public. 

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