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Man fights for apology over son's brain injury

Man fights for apology over son's brain injury

A man is seeking an apology over brain injuries suffered by his child more than three decades ago.

Ivor Needs says his son Matthew was born a healthy baby but after having a whooping cough vaccination at the age of seven months, he suffered significant health problems, the Bristol Evening Post reports.

Now 35, he has a mental age of three and his father has been fighting to prove errors were made ever since.

Following the jab, Matthew fell into a coma for 20 hours and when he woke up he was said to be "floppy and lifeless".

Initial medical tribunals ruled it was not the result of clinical negligence but rather the youngster had suffered influenza. However, this view was disputed and Mr Needs is continuing in his battle to secure compensation.

He remarked, "We had evidence from specialists from Harley Street and experts in immunology all stating Matthew was brain damaged on account of the vaccination."

Mr Needs wants the government to admit that medical mistakes were made.