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Compensation sought over fatal road accident injuries

Compensation sought over fatal road accident injuries
The family of two people who died in a road accident are seeking compensation.

In 2004, Liz Haughan was travelling with her brothers Steve and William Harrison when the car they were in was hit by another vehicle.

The motorist that struck them was travelling at 80 mph in the opposite direction.

Both Ms Haughan and Steve Williams died as a result of the impact, while their sibling suffered serious head injuries, broken bones and internal damage.

As a result of the incident, he had to have a kidney transplant.

They had been on their way home from Carlisle Racecourse - which is located off junction 42 of the M6 - and were being driven by their cousin Lisa Bell when the crash took place.

The family is claiming considerable damages and a preliminary hearing has got underway in the High Court in London to hear the legal arguments.