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Broadcaster accused of sex discrimination

Broadcaster accused of sex discrimination

An international broadcasting organisation has been accused of sex discrimination by two former workers.

Natalie Stone and Victoria Waterson are taking legal action against BSkyB, the Telegraph reports.

The women, who are both mothers and in their 30s, lost their positions at the firm after a restructuring took place.

They shared a role as senior content editor on the Sky Movies website and were both overlooked for the post of producer, with the personal assistant of a senior BSkyB executive taking it instead.

According to their legal representative, the reorganisation of the company was intended to save money and the broadcaster was keen to get rid of workers who risked costing money in maternity pay.

Ms Stone claims that she had to give up her role a day before she was due to take absence to have a child.

BSkyB - which has offices in a range of locations, including Isleworth - denies all the allegations.