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Widow secures compensation over industrial disease death

Widow secures compensation over industrial disease death
The widow of a man who died from an industrial disease has been awarded compensation.

At the age of 56, Ken Mitchell lost his battle with nasal cancer, which he contracted as a result of inhaling wood dust while at work, the Essex Echo reports.

He had been employed by cabinet maker E Lock & Son, where he was an apprentice in the late 1960s and 70s.

His spouse Deborah has now received a £75,000 interim payment for the fatality and is expected to get a final settlement that could run into six figures.

Commenting on her late husband, Ms Mitchell said: "He was a fantastic man and my best friend. Winning means he hasn't died in vain and hopefully the money will help our sons. Ken loved his boys."

Nasal cancer can lead to a number of symptoms, including nosebleeds, decreased sense of smell, double vision and pain above or below the eyes.