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Older workers 'should not be forced to retire'

Older workers 'should not be forced to retire'

Workers in the UK should not be made to retire at the age of 65, it has been claimed.

According to investment expert and economist Dr Ros Altmann, there is a still "huge age discrimination" in the country.

She added that forcing people to give up their roles early is a waste of resources.

Not only does it lead to a reduction in the number of consumers paying tax, but it also means people have less money to spend.

She commented: "Visionary politicians need to lead the way by explaining the benefits of part-time work in later life, encouraging people to stay at work longer and helping themselves too."

Her remarks come after the release of new figures from Age UK, which suggested that forcing older workers to retire cost the UK an estimated £3.5 billion in lost economic output last year.

At present, employers can make their staff members give up their jobs when they hit the age of 65.