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Former council manager sues over alleged discrimination

Former council manager sues over alleged discrimination

A man who used to work for Birmingham City Council is accusing the organisation of discrimination on the basis of race, age and disability.

Rajpal Virdee performed the role of equalities manager for social services but was sacked for gross misconduct.

He suggests that Dr Mashuq Ally, the authority's assistant director for equalities and human resources, victimised and sidelined him, partly because of his religion.

It is understood that Mr Virdee, who is a Sikh, will be supported in his case by a former colleague.

He lost his job after being accused of undertaking other employment while off work, which is something he denies.

Meanwhile, the council - which is headquartered in the city's Victoria Square - has revealed it will be "vigorously contesting" the claims.

The case cannot be heard in Birmingham because Mr Virdee sits on that tribunal's board and it is therefore to take place in Manchester.