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DIY wills 'can be risky'

DIY wills 'can be risky'

People may be taking a risk if they opt to draw up their own wills, as opposed to allowing experts to do it for them.

This is according to Alessia Horwich, who suggested in an article for the Independent that small mistakes can lead to significant problems.

Cutting corners, she claimed, can mean that bereaved families are left in even more difficulties than they would have been if the deceased had not had a will in place at all.

Ms Horwich cited figures from, which suggested that more than half (57 per cent) of people polled did not have such documents drawn up at all.

She went on to note some of the most common errors made by those who draw up their own wills.

Such people sometimes forget to sign the documents, she pointed out, while others fail to get two witnesses to be present at the same time to sign them.

Recently, Aviva released the findings of research which showed that 46 per cent of people polled had received wealth in the form of pre-inheritances, whereby individuals pass on some of their estates to beneficiaries before they die.