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Difference in happiness levels 'can raise divorce risk'

Difference in happiness levels 'can raise divorce risk'

The risk of couples getting a divorce is higher if there is a difference in their levels of contentedness.

This is according to research conducted by a team from Deakin University in Australia, who looked at people in their home country, the UK and Germany, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the analysts, the greater the so-called 'happiness gap' the more chance there is that spouses will split.

However, they noted that this is only the case when the man is feeling more positive about life than his partner.

Entitled You Can't Be Happier Than Your Wife, the research also suggested that it was more likely to be the dissatisfied woman who started divorce proceedings.

"It is possible that couples that are not able to transfer and equalise their happiness levels are more at risk of divorce," those behind the findings said.

Recently, researchers from the London School of Economics claimed that separation rates are lower among households in which husbands are involved in domestic chores.