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Asbestos-related illness compensation review 'may prove unpopular'

Asbestos-related illness compensation review 'may prove unpopular'

A review concerning compensation packages for pleural plaques victims may be one of the moves initiated by the new government that proves unpopular.

This is according to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who made his comments in an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The deputy prime minister - who is part of the coalition government formed with the Conservative Party in the wake of the recent general election - gave his statement as he defended a cost-cutting review that is taking place.

Among the issues being examined is a pledge made by Labour politician Ed Balls to implement a new damages payment system to those who have contracted pleural plaques.

Mr Clegg noted that the administration "might be pretty unpopular for a while," as a result of the spending cuts it will implement.

Pleural plaques is a form of scarring of the outer lining of the lungs and it is an indication of previous exposure to asbestos.