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Woman seeks compensation over cycle accident

Woman seeks compensation over cycle accident

A cyclist is seeking compensation after she suffered injuries as a result of an accident.

In the summer of 2009, Isabella Vanni was riding her bike in Hove when she crashed into a curb and was thrown into the road.

As a result of the impact, she sustained a fractured elbow and wrist.

According to Ms Vanni, the incident occurred because the cycle lane was poorly designed.

She is suing Brighton and Hove City Council, which is currently run by chief executive John Barradell.

Paul Kitson, partner at Russell Jones & Walker who is representing Ms Vanni, said that an island used to separate the cycle lane from the main road contravenes the regulations set out to ensure safety.

He also suggested that it is insufficiently marked with signs or hazard warning strips.

Ms Vanni is seeking £50,000 and the case remains ongoing.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the local authority said the organisation did not wish to comment in light of the pending legal action.