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Woman secures compensation over diagnosis failure

Woman secures compensation over diagnosis failure
A woman whose doctor failed to diagnose a potentially fatal condition she was suffering from has been awarded compensation.

In September 2006, Suzanne Badhams visited the Broadway Medical Centre due to pain she was experiencing in her right calf.

Although she told Dr Alakshendra Kushwaha that her family had a history of deep vein thrombosis, the problem went undiagnosed for 15 days.

The condition can cause a range of symptoms, including pain and swelling, warm skin in the area of the clot and redness in the affected location.

Ms Badhams returned to the medical facility and underwent blood tests which showed an abnormality.

However, the results were not properly acted upon and a nurse informed the 34-year-old that they showed she had the all-clear.

By October, her condition had deteriorated and she felt dizzy and faint. Her father had to call an ambulance.

It was discovered she had a pulmonary embolism and she remained in intensive care for six days.