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People 'can try to track down lost inheritances'

People 'can try to track down lost inheritances'

Each year, thousands of people die without having a will in place and those who believe a deceased relative was among them may be able to claim money.

This is according to an article on This is Money, which suggested that if a family member who has died within the last 30 years has left unclaimed assets, it may be possible to track down the lost wealth.

It noted that when consumers die intestate and their beneficiaries cannot be found, the sum goes to the Treasury.

However, by using private firms or a service provided by the government, it may be possible to make a claim.

The news source remarked: "There is quite a bit of cash up for grabs, although most payouts are less than £10,000."

Recently, businessman Jeremy Toeman suggested that people should bequeath passwords for online accounts to relatives in their wills so that money and personal information is not lost, the Financial Times reported.