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New employment tribunal award scheme implemented

New employment tribunal award scheme implemented

As of today (April 6th) a new initiative has been implemented which is designed to speed up possible award delays experienced by workers who succeed in employment tribunals.

Called the Employment Tribunal Fast Track Scheme, the system enables people to use an extended service provided by High Court Enforcement Officers.

These individuals will complete the legal processes for claimants if employers fail to issue the money.

Under the terms of the initiative, people are required to pay £50 towards the costs of issuing court writs needed to seize assets from uncooperative firms.

The changes were introduced by justice minister Bridget Prentice, who was appointed to her current role in May 2009.

According to social policy officer at Citizens Advice Richard Dunstan, the move is a positive one.

He remarked: "[It will] give the employment tribunal system the teeth it needs to ensure that rogue employers actually pay the awards made against them."