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Ex-press officer claims unfair dismissal

Ex-press officer claims unfair dismissal

A former press officer has begun legal proceedings over what she claims was unfair dismissal.

Earlier this year, Claire Huggins lost her job at Aston Villa FC over text messages she sent before a game, the Daily Mail reports.

She was allegedly brought before manager of the club Martin O'Neill and head of communications Brian Doogan because of the correspondence.

Ms Huggins had contacted a Villa player before the match to find out if the following day's game might be postponed because of the weather.

In addition, it is suggested that she was also trying to find out how another player was after he had been on a coach that came under fire before the Africa Cup of Nations.

Supposedly, Ms Huggins was told that her texts had been disruptive to the pre-match preparations of the club and disciplinary proceedings led to her subsequent dismissal.

When contacted, Aston Villa - which is based in Villa Park, Birmingham - was not available for comment.