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Ex-hospital boss claims unfair dismissal

Ex-hospital boss claims unfair dismissal

A former health chief is taking legal action over his sacking from NHS East Midlands.

Gary Walker alleges that he was the victim of unfair dismissal, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

The 39-year-old lost his job at the organisation - which was established in July 2006 and provides services to around 4.3 million people - after swearing at work following a meeting with executives.

There had been a confrontation concerning missed targets at hospitals in the area.

However, Mr Walker suggests that he was in fact sacked because he acted as a whistleblower.

He said that the trust did not hit the government's 18-week GP referral-to-treatment time target but he refused to put targets ahead of patient safety by allowing overcrowding in medical centres.

Commenting on his case, he remarked: "If I am successful in my claim I will repay the debts that have mounted up with things like legal fees and donate 50 per cent of whatever is left to a charity in Lincoln."