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Doctor accepts liable damages from the Sun

Doctor accepts liable damages from the Sun

A medical professional has been successful in his claim of libel against a UK publication.

Dr Mohammed Asha took legal action against the Sun over an article it featured which linked him to terrorism.

A front page story that appeared last August was entitled "Terror case doc works in casualty".

At the time the piece was printed, Dr Asha was working at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, which is part of a trust employing more than 7,000 staff members.

Speaking after a hearing in which it was ruled he should receive substantial damages and costs, he said: "The damage caused by the Sun has been incalculable, causing both myself and my family immense hurt and distress, not to mention worries over my own personal safety."

He added he was glad the case is over and that the Sun - which has now accepted the allegations were untrue - has apologised.

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