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Divorce 'is hard to recover from'

Divorce 'is hard to recover from'

Recovering from a divorce can be a long and difficult process, it has been noted.

A poll of divorcees conducted by showed that the average length of time it takes for people to come to terms with such separations is 17 months and 26 days.

In addition, a fifth of respondents did not think they would ever get over their divorces.

The dating website also found that 60 per cent of those questioned said a sense of failure was one of the hardest things to deal with, while one in five reported that a sense of loss was harder to adapt to than the practical issues.

Commenting on the figures, a spokesperson for said: "Divorce is tough for everyone involved and it does take a considerable amount of time before you feel ready to move on."

The representative added that individuals differ and it takes some people longer than others to recover from separating from a spouse.

Research recently commissioned by the Housing Federation suggested that young couples in Britain are delaying getting married because they cannot afford to buy property.