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Shoppers renew sofa injuries compensation battle

Shoppers renew sofa injuries compensation battle
A group of consumers who suffered injuries as a result of chemicals on sofas they purchased have renewed their battle to secure compensation.

According to the Daily Mirror, more than 350 Land of Leather customers blame the firm for skin rashes and blistering they say they experienced as a result of coming into contact with the items of furniture.

It suggests that damages payments to more than 2,000 other individuals who bought similar items from other high street stores have been held up pending the action.

The seating had been sprayed with an anti-mould chemical, which was the cause of people's reactions.

Land of Leather went into administration in January last year, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs.

Its insurers, Zurich, deny liability for the injuries, saying the chain breached the terms of its policy with it, meaning it does not have to issue money to those who sustained injuries.

Leading personal injury firm Russell Jones & Walker is representing thousands of individuals who have suffered burns and rashes from their sofas.