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Politicians add support to civil partnership amendment

Politicians add support to civil partnership amendment
A group of politicians from both Labour and the Conservative Party have added their support to a proposed amendment to the equality bill which would affect civil partnerships.

The changes have been tabled in the House of Lords by Lord Alli and, if they were implemented, they would provide gay couples with the right to religious civil partnerships.

Matt Sephton, the Conservative candidate for Salford and Eccles, said there are "many problems" with the drafting of the bill, reports.

"However, Lord Alli's amendment which allows civil partnerships to take place in religious buildings is a sentiment that I wholeheartedly support," he added.

He went on to suggest that it is a "completely logical step" for places of worship to be able to host civil partnerships if they want to.

Such unions are the government's approach to providing same sex couples with comparable rights to those enjoyed by married heterosexual couples.