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Teacher takes employer to tribunal over sacking

Teacher takes employer to tribunal over sacking
A teacher who claims he was dismissed after he challenged racist views held by pupils is taking his case to tribunal.

Nicholas Kafouris will make his case against Tower Hamlets Council during a hearing set to take place next week, the Jewish Chronicle reports.

He alleges that bosses sacked him for confronting pupils' racist and anti-Semitic beliefs.

According to the teacher, some students at Bigland Green Primary School in Tower Hamlets made anti-Semitic remarks and praised Islamic extremists during classes.

He stated: "The worst thing was doing a lesson about Jonah and the whale. The ... boy asked if Jonah was Jewish and I said he was. He said he hated Jonah."

Mr Kafouris went on claim that he told the child not to repeat the comments and two days later received a letter accusing him of misconduct.

Tower Hamlets Council - which is headquartered in the Town Hall on Mulberry Place - said the school had followed correct procedures.