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Married couples 'should have greater financial support'

Married couples 'should have greater financial support'

The government should do more to help married couples financially, it has been claimed.

According to charity Care, greater tax breaks should be implemented for such people.

In a new report which is timed to coincide with National Marriage Week, the organisation pointed out that in the US, a one-earner married couple with two children pays on average less than half of the tax charged to single people with no family responsibilities.

However, in the UK the same family pays three-quarters of the tax levied on single people without dependants.

Commenting on the issue, report co-author Leonard Beighton said: "The tax system does not recognise the family unit. It sees taxpayers as individuals, regardless of their family circumstances. This is immensely damaging to the social fabric of the country."

Care aims to bring insight and experience from a Christian perspective to matters of public policy.

It is represented in the UK, as well as in the European Union, the United Nations and in the US.