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Lack of pre-nup 'may cost Cheryl and Ashley Cole'

Lack of pre-nup 'may cost Cheryl and Ashley Cole'

The lack of a pre-nuptial agreement between celebrity couple Cheryl and Ashley Cole may cost the pair, it has been claimed.

It has been announced that the Girls Aloud singer and X-Factor judge and her footballer spouse are to separate following months of speculation.

Between them, they have assets worth around £22 million but, prior to tying the knot, they did not deem it appropriate to have an agreement in place concerning how their possessions would be divided in the event of a break-up.

Top divorce lawyer from Russell Jones & Walker Amanda McAlister noted that the law currently states that pre-nups are not legally binding.

However, following a decision in the Court of Appeal in July last year, it was ruled that such documents can carry a lot of weight.

Ms McAlister went on to point out that certain elements need to be met before a pre-nuptial agreement can be considered binding.

For example, both parties need independent legal advice and full financial disclosure must have been made.