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Fatherhood Institute: Dads unaware of paternity rights

Fatherhood Institute: Dads unaware of paternity rights

A government campaign to help dads learn about their right to paternity leave has been welcomed by one organisation.

The Fatherhood Institute said many dads do not know whether their employers offer paid paternity leave and should make the effort to find out what options are available.

Its comments came after a government study found that more than half of fathers with children aged 16 and under think flexible working rights are important and they would find an employer that offers this when searching for a new job.

Over 90 per cent with kids aged five and under think the option of paid paternity leave is important.

Rob Williams, chief executive for the Fatherhood Institute, said he was not sure why there was a lack of awareness about paternity leave.

"The two weeks paternity leave has been legal since 2003," he stated, adding: "I think it is time now to re-launch the message and ensure that as many fathers as possible know that they have a legal entitlement to paternity leave."

Fathers should also remember that they have the right to request flexible working anytime up until the 16th birthday of their child.