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Compensation paid to boy left disabled by traumatic birth

Compensation paid to boy left disabled by traumatic birth

A boy who suffered complications during his birth has been awarded an undisclosed sum in compensation.

As a result of being starved of oxygen for more than 45 minutes, Stephen Loraine has been left with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and impaired sight, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Due to the traumatic delivery, the nine-year-old requires round-the-clock care and will do for the rest of his life.

Doctors at Arrowe Park, which is run by Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, failed to spot a fibroid in his mother Pauline's womb during a scan.

Three days later, she suffered a massive bleed at home and was rushed into the medical centre.

Although the amount of money awarded to the youngster has not been revealed, it is said to be "substantial".

It will be used to cover the cost of his care requirements and was granted by Manchester District Registry.

Currently, Stephen attends Lyndale School in Eastham, which provides special care services to youngsters with severe learning difficulties.