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UK property prices 'rose in November'

UK property prices 'rose in November'
The value of homes across the UK increased in November, new figures have shown.

Produced by Communities and Local Government, they revealed that the average value of properties across the country rose 1.7 per cent during the month compared with October.

Two months ago, the price of a typical dwelling in Britain stood at £200,454, the organisation said.

It added that the average price paid by first-time buyers in November 2009 was 3.9 per cent up on the same period a year earlier.

Communities and Local Government - which sets policy on local government, housing, urban regeneration, planning and fire and rescue - also stated that the prices paid for new houses and flats in November were up 0.4 per cent on 2008's figure, while the average price paid for pre-owned dwellings rose by 0.7 per cent.

Meanwhile, in England specifically, annual typical property prices jumped by 0.6 per cent during the 30-day period.