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Property purchases 'viewed as stressful'

Property purchases 'viewed as stressful'

Many consumers in the UK consider the conveyancing process to be stressful, new research has found.

According to a study conducted by, buying a new home was viewed as the most stressful experience of their lives by 24 per cent of people polled.

This saw property purchasing come out top on the list, followed by starting a new job (14 per cent) and having a child (13 per cent).

It was also found that 41 per cent of second-time buyers found getting a new residence to be as or more stressful than their first buy.

The property chain was one major factor for this, revealed.

Chief executive of the website Karen Barrett said: "Buying a home is probably the most expensive decision you will ever make and involves lots of complicated stages."

Recently, Paula John, editor of Your Mortgage, suggested that people seeking new domiciles have benefited from a rise in the number of high loan-to-value mortgages available.