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Newspaper group sued over alleged libel

Newspaper group sued over alleged libel

A newspaper group is being sued over claims of libel brought by Dr Mohammed Asha, who was acquitted of terrorism charges after the Glasgow airport bombing, according to reports in the Press Gazette.

News Group Newspapers, which publishes a number of papers - including the Times, the Sun and the News of the World - faces a legal claim based on two stories that appeared in the Sun.

The articles were published in August last year and, according to Dr Asha, one entitled "Terror case doc works in casualty" claimed there are strong grounds to suspect he will be involved in future bomb plots.

He suggested that the stories seriously harmed his personal and professional reputations and left him distressed and traumatised.

News Group Newspapers refused to respond to his claim, he said.

Dr Asha is now seeking aggravated damages for libel and misuse of private information, as well as an injunction banning repetition of the allegations.

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