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EHRC opens Equality Bill consultation

EHRC opens Equality Bill consultation

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has opened a consultation on new legislation currently progressing through parliament.

From January 12th until April 2nd, the organisation is inviting comment from people concerning the Equality Bill.

This phase of the process covers employment laws, equal pay and services, public functions and associations.

The commission stated: "This public consultation is not only a statutory requirement but it is also an essential part of the drafting process."

It went on to claim that "clear and authoritative guidance" is crucial to enable new laws to fulfil their promise, adding: "This is your chance to help us get it right."

The Equality Bill is an attempt to make the UK fairer, the government states. It contains provisions to ban discrimination over race, gender, disability, age, religion, beliefs and sexual orientation.

It will bring together around 100 other laws into a single bill in a bid to make legislation more accessible and easier to understand.