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Disabled job applicants 'subject to discrimination'

Disabled job applicants 'subject to discrimination'

People with physical or mental health problems are subject to discrimination when they are seeking work, it has been claimed.

According to Donna Miller, HR director at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, firms often disregard candidates on the basis of such issues.

Speaking to Personnel Today, she claimed that under the current system there is little chance of applicants being selected once line managers get hold of detrimental information on health forms.

She commented: "Employers shouldn't be allowed to make decisions at the front end of employment about someone's health condition with which they have very little or no information about."

Ms Miller made her remarks in the wake of the introduction of a new clause into the Equality Bill under which employers would be prevented from asking candidates questions about their health that are unrelated to the role they are applying for.

Introduced into the House of Commons in April last year, the bill is designed to simplify the law and make it clearer.