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Couples 'becoming more flexible over weddings'

Couples 'becoming more flexible over weddings'
Couples in the UK are becoming more flexible concerning when they tie the knot, it has been claimed.

According to Cathy Howes, deputy editor of You & Your Wedding magazine, while there are still times of the year when it is more popular for people to register their relationships in this way, there is less rigidity concerning which season this happens in.

She remarked: "They are not so fixated on the June marquee wedding, but can see the attraction of a crisp white winter wedding."

Mr Howes added that it is not just the month of the year that couples are more open about, but also days of the week.

Many brides are now choosing to get hitched on Fridays, she pointed out, adding that this can be cheaper.

Her comments follow the release of research conducted by Ecclesiastical, which revealed that January is the least popular time to get married.