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Conservative plans to encourage marriage 'may have to be revised'

Conservative plans to encourage marriage 'may have to be revised'
Plans announced recently by the Conservative Party to encourage people in the UK to get married could have to be revised, it has been revealed.

Speaking to the BBC, shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Philip Hammond admitted that tax breaks suggested by the party may have to be more limited than first envisaged.

The party had said it would introduce a transferable tax allowance and its leader, David Cameron, claimed the issue of marriage is one he feels strongly about.

However, Mr Hammond conceded that, given the current financial position of the UK in the wake of the credit crunch, this no longer appears feasible.

Therefore, the party will seek alternative ideas, the politician said.

Fellow Tory David Willetts, shadow cabinet member responsible for the family, recently told the Guardian that marriage is becoming an increasingly middle-class phenomenon because it is getting more difficult in terms of time and money.

Action must be taken to make the practice more popular again, he suggested.