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Worker takes unfair dismissal claim to tribunal

Worker takes unfair dismissal claim to tribunal

A man who claims he was the victim of unfair dismissal has taken his former boss to a tribunal.

David Collier is suing Aurora for £60,000, saying that his ex-manager bullied female workers.

The former employee suggests that he was fired after a disagreement with Dr Glenda Stone in January, while she maintains that Mr Collier was made redundant because of the economic climate.

He also accuses her of mistreating personal assistant Janet King and alleges that Candy Dibley lost her job in accounts after she crossed the executive, the Daily Mail reports.

Ms King said: "I developed a nervous twitch which I did not have before and stopped as soon as I stopped working there."

Dr Stone is co-chairman of the government's Women Enterprise Task Force - which was set up by Gordon Brown to raise the quantity, scalability and success of women-owned businesses in the UK.

She denies all the claims against her and the tribunal, which is being held in London, remains ongoing.