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TV presenter takes employer to tribunal

TV presenter takes employer to tribunal
A TV presenter has taken her bosses to a tribunal over allegations that they treated her unfairly.

Jemma Woodman wanted to apply for the role of presenting the West Country Tonight, but managers at ITV refused to let her.

She had been contracted to cover the maternity leave of main presenter Alexis Bowater and had completed 22 months in her role.

However, when the post of region-wide presenter came up during a reorganisation process, Ms Woodman was informed she was not eligible for it.

Richard Thurston, who was head of human resources at ITV at the time, said: "We had to choose between those who were good and those who were excellent and outstanding."

He added that many workers lost their roles at ITV - which describes itself as the biggest commercial television network in the UK- during the reorganisation process. In total, 40 per cent of regional news workers were lost.